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​We provide Excess Baggage Shipping Services from the UK to Hakodate,  we are a luggage moving company based in London, helping people to relocate and send unaccompanied baggage overseas to Hakodate in Japan.


Ship Extra Baggage;  Send Luggage from UK to Japan

Do you need your baggage shipped to Hakodate in Japan?


Ship Baggage London to Hakodate

We provide Japan Cargo Baggage shipping service from London to  Hakodate;  ideal for sending Extra Baggage, Ship Luggage, boxes, bags, suitcases of personal clothing from London to Japan. 


Excess baggage service London to Japan

We are an international baggage delivery service, shipping baggage to  Hakodate from UK. Our high quality baggage shipping services from the London; UK to Hakodate Japan are ideal for people, like you, on the move with extra baggage; whilst offering you our cost effective, unaccompanied cheap shipping services for your excess baggage overseas to Japan.

UK; London to Hakodate Baggage Shipping Company

We are division of Excess Luggage shipping Company, providing a range of overseas luggage shipping services to Hakodate; Japan, shipping excess baggage to Hakodate from our London Heathrow Airport Hub. We ship baggage from all over the UK to overseas be it in a suitcases, luggage or boxes of personal belongings to Hakodate; Japan,  via air cargo and sea freight forwarding services from; England, Scotland and Wales, to Japan. 

Send Excess Baggage to Hakodate


Send excess baggage with us to Hakodate. We have regular weekly cargo flight departures on Royal Brunei, Emirates, Thai Airways, Malaysian Airlines and, Cathy Pacific Airlines from London Heathrow, Manchester Airports to Hakodate. Our luggage shipping service can get your extra baggage, bag or boxes to Hakodate airport within 4-10 working days from time of collection from your door in the UK. By shipping baggage ahead to Japan with us, we can save you from having to pay insane airline excess baggage fee’s. We can air freight excess baggage to Hakodate airport for you to collect. 


Shipping Baggage Overseas to Hakodate Japan

Are you thinking of shipping baggage overseas to Hakodate, please call us, and see our service levels, get a free no obligation on-line quote for shipping Excess baggage UK to Japan on Royal Brunei, Emirates, korean Air, Thai Airways, Japan Airlines, Malaysian Airlines and, Cathy Pacific Airlines to Hakodate. We look after you and your luggage, from point of collection to point of delivery to meet your budget.

London Excess Baggage shipping services to Hakodate; Japan

  •  Overseas baggage moving company London to Hakodate  Tel: +44 (0) 20 8577 00 33


  •  Baggage Shipping service in London; UK to Japan contact Tel: 0845 270 7186


  •  Baggage shipping service quote


  •  Luggage delivery service to Hakodate 


  •  UK - Japan cargo Baggage forwarding service


  •  UK Baggage shipping companies to Japan


  •  Excess luggage shipping to Hakodate 


  •  Door to Door baggage shipping to Hakodate 


  •  International baggage shipping company London to Hakodate 


  •  Excess Luggage shipping services international


  •  Ship luggage ahead with us to Hakodate 


  •  Japan  Air Cargo services London to Hakodate 


  • London Baggage shipping company to Japan;Hakodate 

​International Student Baggage

International Overseas students who require  assistance in shipping student baggage, belonging back home to Hakodate  Japan will be we pleasantly surprised by assistance we provide help to move belongings overseas. International Student baggage shipping services to Hakodate are available from all universities and student residences, for overseas student shipping services from UK to Japan.

Unaccompanied bags to Hakodate ; Japan

Unaccompanied baggage shipping to  Hakodate where luggage is not accompanied by a passenger, unaccompanied baggage items may only consist of personal clothing including books, musical instruments, sporting goods or household items. Please note that dangerous or hazardous items are not permitted in unaccompanied luggage shipping service to Hakodate .


Sending Excess Baggage London to  Hakodate

Sending excess baggage to  Hakodate unaccompanied baggage is easy, when you send with us. We offer different levels of service to meet your extra baggage shipping budget to Japan. All we ask is that you pack your personal belongings, luggage in suitcase and boxes as normal. Remember to make a packing list of the items you intend to send. Please note we can not ship certain dangerous or hazardous items via air cargo in your unaccompanied baggage as excess baggage by freight. Our maximum weight limit is no more than 30 kilos per single item or baggage, so be sure to pack safe and securely for shipping to Hakodate ; Japan.

London Baggage Shipping service, UK to Hakodate , Japan.


We offer free baggage collection services within the Greater London (M25) areas, collections outside of London are subject to a collection fee. Listed below are some of the cities we collect luggage from the door for shipping to  Hakodate Japan. Baggage Pick up services are available from Aberdeen, Belfast, Birmingham, Brighton, Bradford, Bristol, Cambridge, Cardiff, Coventry, Edinburgh, Exeter, Glasgow, Greater London, North London, East London, South London, West London, Kingston upon Hull, Leeds, Liverpool, Manchester, Newcastle, Norwich, Oxford, Portsmouth, Reading, Sheffield, Southampton and Swindon.

Cargo baggage shipping service from UK to Japan


Baggage Shipping service London to  Hakodate - Student Moving Overseas to Japan - Excess Luggage Cargo Shipping Company to  Hakodate, Send Baggage to Japan from UK - Ship Luggage, Suitcase to  Hakodate. UK to Far East excess baggage shipping service, shipping luggage to  Hakodate daily, shipping luggage to Japan, shipping luggage from London to Brunei Weekly,  shipping luggage services from England, Scotland and Wales to Hakodate ; Japan.


Baggage Shipping services to Hakodate, Japan 

​Call us Free on: 0800-096-38-39

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